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My experience with various databases runs across the map. These are a few databases that I have worked with:

[ebs_list] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-ok”]MySQL/PDO[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Microsoft SQL Server[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-ok”]MongoDB[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Microsoft Access[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-ok”]PostgreSQL[/ebs_li] [/ebs_list]

My DBA services are aimed at loosely partnering with my development processes and system administration. With a database, there is a lot to consider.

[ebs_list] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Configuration with performance in mind[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Server capacity to support/sustain the Database[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Connections from your back-end application to the Database server[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Schema design and development[/ebs_li] [ebs_li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Index optimization[/ebs_li] [/ebs_list]

These are all services that I can provide, should you need it.

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