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Code Development goes hand in hand with web design, but is basically the its own beast. It encompasses a lot of what goes into the process of building a site, but it involves several important components:

  1. Front End Interaction Code (JavaScript, etc)
  2. HTML Markup
  3. Back end coding


[ebs_separator style=”separator-dotted” margin=”20″]Front End Interaction Code[/ebs_separator]

While not all browsers may support JavaScript (nearly all do), having visual flair on your site by using JavaScript is an added bonus. The use of sprucing up a site with these features is often referred to as Progressive Enhancement. Using libraries such as jQuery, there is an almost limitless amount of interactions you can add to your site. This also can be coupled with back-end coding to make use of AJAX. This is a practice that greatly improves the user experience.


[ebs_separator style=”separator-dotted” margin=”20″]HTML[/ebs_separator]

This is what gives your site its structure that is visible in the browser. This may be hand written (static) or generated by back end code (dynamic). See the HTML Glossary Page for more information.

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