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Barry Chapman

Barry Chapman
Front End & Back End Web Developer

As you can probably guess, my name is Barry Chapman, and I am a 30-and-change web developer located in the Metro Detroit area. When I am not coding, my life is filled with the joy that my marriage to my wonderful wife provides and my two wonderful children, Sammy and Eva.

In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking, music (both making and listening to), home improvement, and spending time with my friends and family.


In my non-free time, I call Volkswagen Group of America my home-away-from-home. There, I am the Digital Technology Implementation Manager, which basically means that anything digital technology related, comes through me. I was fortunate to play a major role in the release of the new ‘3.0’ website release. It was a very large undertaking (over 10 months!), with lots of moving parts, and lots of involved parties to make it happen.


I build highly functional and effective website’s using a variety of technologies best suited to deliver an exceptional product.

It is just my own that seems to get neglected, shoemaker’s children right? I like to design infrastructure. I like to compile all my software from source code. I even like it when something doesn’t go quite right, so that I have a problem to fix.

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